$20k Reward Offered To Anyone Who Beats The Impossible Halo 2 Challenge

When Microsoft decided to get into gaming, Halo helped take them there. Now its sequel Halo 2 has a new and exciting reward for dedicated players. A lone streamer has put up a reward of $20,000 to anyone who is able to complete what may be considered an unbeatable Halo 2 challenge. Despite being one of the most well-played shooters on the market, the Halo series has presented a fair amount of difficulty throughout the years. This challenge may be one of the hardest in all of gaming. With that said, this amount of cash may be enough to entice players old and new to give it a shot.

The Impossible Halo 2 Challenge

Halo 2 continued the story of the sci-fi epic by introducing new threats, weapons, and challenges to undertake. The game presents four difficulty levels, and the streamer known as Cr1tikal AKA Charlie White is seeking players to take on the hardest one. He’s put up a bounty of $20,000 to anyone capable of conquering the Legendary difficulty level without dying. If gaming has a Mount Everest, this is a candidate for that title.

On the surface, Halo 2 seems like a pretty straightforward affair. You control Master Chief and the Covenant rebel Arbiter in effort stop a sentient alien mass called the Flood. You’ll be taken through a number of locations where you’ll need to fight groups of alien soldiers as well as being mutated by the Flood. What helps Halo stand apart is how the AI uses tactics and strategies to overwhelm you. In Legendary mode, enemies are more numerous, relentless, and resources feel scarce. Just getting through it to the end is an accomplishment worthy of high praise. Doing so without dying once sounds like an impossible pipe dream… on steroids.

Still, gaming achievements are highly revered. That’s why people like Cr1tikal are willing to put up lots of money just to see them accomplished. If you’re interested in making your mark on gaming history and could use $20k, the Halo 2 challenge awaits.