5 Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022 Games We Can’t Wait To Play

Xbox has been on a roll lately with all sorts of announcements. While many of them concern potential in-development hardware and software, the stars of the stage are all the new games. There are some familiar favorites that are getting more info as well as some lesser known but still exciting entries in the showcase. All of the titles presented in the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022 will be playable on Xbox and accessible through Game Pass. Each game has its own claim to fame, but there are some that we are more excited about than others.

The 5 Hottest Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022 Games

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

A very impressive list of titles made an appearance at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022, with some of the best being Hollow Knight Silksong, Scorn, Lightyear Frontier, COCOON, and High On Life.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

When the developers at Team Cherry released Hollow Knight in 2017, people were floored by it. It’s a beautiful hand-drawn adventure about a beetle-like warrior fighting through an expansive and dark insect civilization. During the game, you’ll clash with another warrior known as Hornet who has her own agenda. Who she is and what she’s fighting for remains one of the game’s bigger mysteries, but now we’ll be able to dive further into her story. The sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, follows the story of Hornet in a new adventure and land to explore. While there’s still no confirmed release date for this game, we’re getting closer and closer to it.


Sometimes there are games that pop up here and there because of how strange or shocking they appear. That’s definitely the case with Scorn by Ebb Software. This game revealed itself years ago with some visuals that were very reminiscent of those from the iconic H. R. Geiger. It showed an unknown being wandering through some bleak and disturbing halls and tunnels made of flesh and bone. On top of that, the weapons they wield appear alive and while some of the creatures look horrifying, they don’t always behave aggressively. It gives the idea that the whole world is alive and everything you do or don’t do will affect how things develop. It’ll finally be ready to play this October.

Lightyear Frontier

In a time full of periods of isolation and limited interaction, simulator games came to the rescue by providing a wealth of activities. You could spend months on decorating your house in Animal Crossing or on perfecting your agricultural system in Stardew Valley, or you can start by planning for Lightyear Frontier. The joint venture of FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Game Invest, this is a simulator that is set in space. More accurately, you play as a space traveler who has decided to set up a new life on an alien world. It’s light, colorful, and huge, with exciting ideas like building and harvesting with giant mechs. Get ready to make your own world or join some friends to make one together, but you’ll need to wait until 2023.


There are many indie games that have gotten recognition by placing a representation of innocence in a bleak and terrifying world. The folks at Playdead have mastered this more than once by first releasing Limbo in 2010 and then Inside in 2016, both to critical acclaim. The former is about the silhouette of a young child exploring a dangerous afterlife, and the latter about a young child exploring a dystopian society.

It’s good to play to your strengths, and it looks like one of the main designers, Jeppe Carlsen, is bringing that strength to the upcoming game Cocoon. This time you’re exploring alien worlds as a small creature carrying a large sphere on their back. The twist is that the very worlds they need to explore are located in those very spheres, so get ready to jump between them. It’s looking to be a very trippy and puzzling adventure within an adventure within a game for 2023.

High On Life

When Rick & Morty came out, it caught a lot of people off guard in terms of fluid animation and dynamic dialogue. The show has attempted to balance humor with very real social concepts as the creators have started teasing season 6 as well as a game in the works. Some of the minds behind the adult comedy show are trying to share more of their ideas through the upcoming FPS High On Life. The trailer depicts an unknown hero exploring weird and wild worlds wielding wondrous weapons. More accurately, these weapons are full of wonder as many appear to be talkative living creatures with plenty to say about themselves, you, and the situation. Even though gaming and comedy is a tricky mix, we need to see more of it.