505 Games Spring 2022 Showcase Reveals Three New Games

Game announcements occur every day, but a showcase always makes an impact. 505 Games, the publisher based in Italy, recently hosted its Spring showcase to reveal three new games. These include the folkloric Among The Trolls which is currently unscheduled, the Soulslike Stray Blade scheduled for release this year, and the enigmatic Miasma Chronicles. While not all will be available on the same consoles, all will be coming to Steam in due time.

Upcoming Releases From 505 Games

505 Games has been a part of some of the biggest titles in recent years, including Ghostrunner, Control, and even Terraria. With their showcase titles, the publisher is certainly drawing a lot of attention. The Spring 2022 showcase included three new games, and you can find the trailers for all of them featured below.

Among The Trolls is a first-person survival game from the joint efforts of 505 Games and Forbidden. It’s based on Finnish folklore taking place in a mysterious forest. Your goal as the currently unnamed protagonist is to try and find your grandparents who have disappeared without a trace. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the developers encourage fans to put the game on their Wishlists to be notified when it goes into Early Access.

Stray Blade is an action RPG brought about by 505 Games and Point Blank. It follows an unknown warrior as they travel through a medieval fantasy world. The main focuses are exploration, character building, and combat. This game is expected for released later in 2022, but interested players are free to sign up for the beta and join the Discord.

Miasma Chronicles is a cinematic strategy adventure with cyberpunk elements published by 505 Games and developed by The Bearded Ladies. The story follows the organic and mechanical survivors of a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by destructive energy called Miasma. You’ll be traveling around the wastes in search of both survivors and allies when it releases sometime in 2023.