7 Days To Die Antibiotics | How to Get

Once you’ve caught wind of infection in 7 Days to Die, you must act quickly in terms of curing it. The zombified disease runs a rough course through four individual stages, with each affecting the player’s stamina and well-being. Time is of the essence here since death will eventually come into play with stage 4. Therefore, you’re going to need some Antibiotics for your survival. In truth, they are a little hard to find compared to the more commonplace Jar of Honey, which mildly helps reduce infection. However, Antibiotics are the strong stuff, and sometimes we need that strong potency. Here’s a quick guide to obtaining Antibiotics for your time in 7 Days to Die.

How to Get Antibiotics in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Antibiotics in 7 Days to Die

Players can either locate or craft Antibiotics as part of their terrifying journey in the deceased world. Antibiotics are typically stashed away at Pop-N-Pills pharmacies, some medicine and pill cabinets, and oftentimes at Supply Drops. They’re more of a rarity to come across, so be sure to stock up on them before you move on to your next objective. If you’re having trouble locating these spots, you’ll want to consider some craftsmanship.

There are two ways that you can cook up the medicine in question for yourself. Firstly, you’ll need to complete one of two prerequisites: learn the respective recipe or achieve Physician level 4. Once you do, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to proceed. And secondly, either a Campfire or a Chemistry Station must be active. You’ll practically be golden at this point.

To craft Antibiotics, here are the methods:

  1. Mix 4 Old Sham Sandwich, 3 Nitrate Powder, and 1 Bottled Water at a Campfire with a Beaker.
  2. Mix 1 Old Sham Sandwich, 1 Nitrate Powder, and 1 Bottled Murky Water at a Chemistry Station.

Consuming Antibiotics will provide you with a 25% reduction rate if you’re infected. It’s significantly stronger than the aforementioned Jar of Honey and the craftable Herbal Antibiotics, which we’ve briefly covered before with our Cure Infection guide (linked above).

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