7 Days to Die Clay | How to Get

You will need to know how to gather most resources in 7 Days to Die. From wood to tape and everything in between, there is a good use for each of the collectable resources scattered throughout the game world. Clay is a basic resource in 7 Days to Die, and represents some basic clumps of dirt in the world. If you’re wondering how you can best collect this item, we can tell you the basic farming methods, some of its recipes, and more!

How to Get Clay in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Clay in 7 Days to Die

Clay Soil is a material obtained from using a shovel on topsoil in 7 Days to Die. While you do not need to use a shovel to harvest it, you will get more clay from using one. Any ground texture will give you clay, though it is more common from non-sand textures. Clay is used for brick, buckshot, bullet casings, and much more throughout 7 Days to Die.

Gathering clay is, thankfully, simple: Punch the floor. There is no ground texture that provides more or less clay. In addition, some containers will grant you some of it. It is intentionally quite easy to farm! Higher level shovels will give you extra stacks of clay, so consider making an Iron or Steel shovel if you need to farm it.

Clay Soil is needed for a ton of different recipes. So, be sure to farm a lot of it! You will need it for items like the crucible, cooking grill and pot, Forge, many different glass types, and even ammunition casings. Because of that, you are going to need a ton of Clay for a standard run. Several thousand clumps of clay might not even be enough, if you want to craft your own buckshot, brick stairs, or forged ingots.

So, you may want to dedicate several minutes in a run just shoveling downwards. Just make sure you’re only in the topsoil! Digging too deep might get you more rocks than anything else.