7 Days to Die Coal | Where to Find

Preparing for an impending zombie onslaught in 7 Days to Die takes extreme patience, timing, and commitment, coupled with evident fear. With such a short amount of time to gear up and build defenses, it’s important to consider any possible solutions. From farming and forging to medical and ammunition crafting, players can approach their dangerous situations in a number of ways. One simple route to get things going on your first day or two is to search for Coal, which can provide you with Gun Powder, Pure Mineral Water, and Wheels in 7 Days to Die.

Where to Find Coal in 7 Days to Die

Where to Find Coal in 7 Days to Die

Coal is relatively easy to obtain in 7 Days to Die, and players can acquire it by chopping down burnt trees and wooden debris. Any fresh or untouched wooden structures will simply supply you with regular wood, so search among the aforementioned torched items for the multi-purpose resource. The Burnt Forest biome is ideal for Coal collectors.

Evidently, mining Coal Ore will absolutely grant you the combustible rock, but that requires extensive digging and exploration. On occasion, you will spot a surface node or two, but don’t anticipate running into a decent amount of them during your travels. You’ll have to dig within the Earth if you’re looking to muster up as much of the resource as possible.

Additionally, looting from zombies and ovens might potentially yield the black rock, but this is merely by chance. With this in mind, stick to the above-mentioned burnt structures to gather any flammable rock.

Once you do, you’ll have access to three recipes (with one coming in two varieties):

  • Gun Powder – 2 Coal and 2 Nitrate Powder (1 Coal and 1 Nitrate Powder via Chemistry Station)
  • Pure Mineral Water – 1 Coal, 1 Bottled Murky Water, 1 Goldenrod Flower, 1 Chrysanthemum Flower via Campfire
  • Wheel – 15 Coal, 24 Scrap Polymers, 1 Bottle of Acid, 3 Forged Iron, 2 Oil (Grease Monkey skill required)

These listed items are rudimentary in nature yet hugely vital. Gun Powder is used for crafting together ammunition and handy explosives. Pure Mineral Water is immensely more efficient than the crummy Murky Water from the roads and corpses. And Wheels are essential for assembling vehicles for travel, such as the Gyrocopter and the Motorcycle.

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