7 Days to Die Crucible | Where to Find

Survivors in 7 Days to Die have only a limited amount of time to prep up for an impending horde of monstrous infected. And this oncoming horde doesn’t include the usual enemies of Navezgane, Arizona, either. No, this incredibly persistent horde is feral to the gritty teeth, ready to rip you and your friends to shreds. Evidently, this is where the title of the game comes from, since it’s centered around a specific time period. With this in mind, it’s important to establish hefty defenses when trouble comes knocking at your base. This can help with the involvement of the Crucible.

Where to Find Crucible in 7 Days to Die

Where to Find Crucible in 7 Days to Die

Putting together a Crucible will require five resources in different amounts: 100 Forged Iron, 20 Mechanical Parts, 1200 Small Stone, 20 Oil, and 900 Clay Soil. Assemble these at a Workbench after learning about the Crucible schematic or educating yourself on Advanced Engineering level 5. Allow the forged implement to generate, where you can then take it to a Forge workstation to create some restrictive materials that you can rely on.

What makes the Crucible a vital tool is its ability to produce a few defined supplies. Not only does it unlock the Forge’s capabilities to the max, but it’s responsible for the following recipes:

  • Bulletproof Glass – 137 Crushed Sand, 12 Small Stone, 50 Lead, 25 Iron, 25 Clay Soil
  • Forged Steel – 20 Iron, 10 Clay Soil
  • Steel Arrowhead – 7 Iron, 1 Clay Soil

The Crucible is essentially the next big step for operating the Forge after acquiring an Anvil and/or Advanced Bellows. Anvils can be found in certain areas of Navezgane containing Working Stiffs crates, yet players do have a chance of obtaining Advanced Bellows when looting through deserted homes. Additionally, you can craft Advanced Bellows once you learn its schematic, though that requires incredible luck, mods, or something of the like.

While it may be nerve-wracking to prepare for chaos, utilizing Bulletproof Glass and Forged Steel can provide some promising results. The names themselves suggest that their builds are quite substantial, and they certainly are. Aside from the easily built wooden and steel structures, these can withstand the undead to a greater degree. This will give you time to resort to backup plans and escape routes once your base begins to crumble. Just be sure to have a reliable inventory containing weapons, tools, medical supplies, food, and other essential resources.

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