7 Days To Die Duct Tape | How to Get

7 Days To Die is not the most free with materials that are common in other urban survival games. Gathering even the most basic materials is difficult, so knowing where to look is important. For instance, Duct Tape in 7 Days To Die is a very important crafting material that appears seemingly nowhere. Gathering enough of this to build the massive list of items that the game asks for is a hefty task. However, we can walk you through how to best locate this item!

How to Get Duct Tape in 7 Days To Die

How to Get Duct Tape in 7 Days To Die

Duct Tape in 7 Days To Die is most easily found through crafting together one Glue and one Cloth. Glue and Cloth are found all over the map, and are especially common in urban households and containers. Duct Tape itself is found rarely on zombies and in these same containers, as well as within trash cans. This is less consistent, but can save some resources for lucky contestants.

Your best bet by a long shot is crafting glue and cloth into duct tape. Sadly, you may want to think twice before converting all glue and cloth into Duct Tape. Glue is needed for a small number of low-level weapons and Paper. Cloth fragments are needed for some clothing items. Once you get out of the early game, it is much more important that you make Duct Tape.

A significant number of crafting recipes in 7 Days To Die need some number of Duct Tape. From AK-47s to Mining Helmets, you will need at least one roll. Even vehicles and crafting aides like Advanced Bellows will require quite a bit of duct tape to make work.

You won’t need too much of this material per recipe – 10 is on the higher end and is needed for a Motorcycle Chassis or Robotic Turret. However, since you need it for most weapons and armor in the game, feel free to keep a large storage of this material in a safe place. You are almost guaranteed to not waste it!