7 Days to Die Forged Iron | How to Make

Once you get into a certain gameplay rhythm in 7 Days to Die, you eventually find yourself wanting to upgrade your equipment and structures. When the hordes start intruding on your space, it’s always essential to rely on strong builds and medical supplies. Of course, players can usually start with the basic fundamental items, which does include Iron itself. For an evolution, crafting together Forged Iron will require a few steps as opposed to the commonplace loot-and-scoop. If you’ve been collecting a sufficient amount of resources, though, chances are that you already have the necessary materials.

How to Make Forged Iron in 7 Days to Die

How to Make Forged Iron in 7 Days to Die

Forged Iron comes from the crafting combination of 12 Iron and 6 Clay Soil through a Forge. Iron is commonly found among any metal-related structures in 7 Days to Die. From deserted vehicles and gas stations to in-store shelves, Iron is one basic resource that is easily obtainable. As for Clay Soil, use a shovel to dig into the outside grounds of Navezgane. With both Iron and Clay Soil in hand, assemble your Forged Iron at the aforementioned Forge, where results eventually go into Output for you to take.

After processing Iron and Clay Soil into the material in question, be sure to inspect any new recipes when you step away from the Forge. Although there are quite a number of different items to make, here are a few to keep in mind when it comes to looting and crafting:

  • Air Filter Land Mine – 1 Forged Iron, 12 Gun Powder, 1 Duct Tape, 1 Spring
  • Chemistry Station – 100 Forged Iron, 1 Beaker, 3 Cooking Pot, 30 Short Iron Pipe, 5 Bottle of Acid
  • Iron Fireaxe – 20 Forged Iron, 10 Wood, 2 Leather, 2 Duct Tape

Crafting a Forge

What is most vital here is the existence of a Forge itself. The intensifying workstation is capable of smelting resources for your crafting necessities. These include Brass, Buckshot, Cement, Glass Jar, Iron Arrowheads, and many more. To assemble a Forge, gather together 50 Small Stone, 60 Clay Soil, 10 Leather, three Duct Tape, and three Short Iron Pipe after learning Advanced Engineering level 1.

Once you have your Forge set and ready to torch materials, equip either an Anvil, Crucible, or an Advanced Bellows tool to properly operate it. A combustible resource is also needed, with Wood mainly taking up the fuel space since it can be obtained throughout Navezgane.

Speaking of Navezgane, here are a few more guides for 7 Days to Die to take with you on the road: