7 Days to Die | How to Upgrade Wood Frames

Survivors of a zombie apocalypse are only given 7 Days to Die before the undead can kill them. By scavenging and looting every possible generated area, crafting together essential items and establishments are vital. Upon loading up a world in 7 Days to Die, you’ll be tasked with building your first base. The game will provide information for a few steps, but one in particular that isn’t basically explained is the option to upgrade Wood Frames. Improved wooden structures evidently offer better durability, but how exactly can you upgrade the quick-and-easy structures?

How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

After crafting and placing down a Wood Frame (or Frame Shape), use a stone axe to upgrade the item to a Wood Block with 8 additional Wood from your inventory. Mouse & keyboard users will right-click and hold to upgrade while controllers abide by holding down the left trigger. The framing will then transition into a study block that cannot be moved. Once you upgrade the Wood Frame, you’ll have to stay committed to it until it’s torn down by any enemies.

Constructing a protective base can take time, making it crucial to start as soon as you boot up a world. As aforementioned, the game throws the player the objective of building together their first base of operations. They start out with assembling a bed roll and a couple of tools before moving on to the Wood Frames. In the midst of all the gameplay, wild animals and savage zombies can easily hinder the process. Just be sure to stay vigilant in this unforgiving world where any undead strike can lead to a horrible death.

Keep in mind that only a stone axe or a few other tools are required for upgrading frames and structures. The stone axe is the most fundamental of the batch, with its inclusion being placed at the forefront from the beginning. The other tools that you can use are the Taza’s Stone Axe, Clawhammer, and Nailgun, all of which require expansive exploration.

7 Days to Die is available now on Early Access for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.