7 Days to Die Mechanical Parts | How to Get

Right from your first night in 7 Days to Die, you’ll want to start looting. That’s because the quicker you can get better gear and supplies to fortify your defenses, the better a chance you’ll stand on the dreaded seventh night. One of the most vital resources in the game you’ll need for better gear is mechanical parts. You will use these nifty pieces of material in just about everything from making weapons, crafting tools, and fortifying your base. So, read on if you want to know the best and most efficient way to get them.

How to Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days to Die

You’ll get mechanical parts in 7 Days to Die by destroying certain items with your wrench. Parts will drop when salvaging air conditioners, gas stations, gas pumps, file cabinets, shopping carts, ovens, vehicles, and more. If you don’t use a wrench, you’ll only get simple resources, such as iron. We highly recommend harvesting mechanical parts from wrecked cars, since there are so many of them around.

Office chairs and file cabinets are another quick way to farm mechanical parts. That’s because you can find these by the masses in some of the bigger buildings, which will yield you a lot of mechanical parts in return. Not to mention they usually drop plenty of other useful items and resources.

Nonetheless, you’ll always want to try and stock up on as much scrap as you can. That’s because you need mechanical parts to craft the accessories needed to make a truck or bicycle. Furthermore, you need them in order to craft essential components for your base, such as a blade trap, motion sensor, metal garage door, reinforced drawbridge, and more. You even need them to make weapons such as nail guns and grenades.

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