7 Days to Die Night Vision Goggles | Where to Find

Anyone who players 7 Days to Die knows how dark the game can get at night. This game does a good job at making the day feel dark and the night feel impenetrable. So, having a good light source at night can be a gigantic boon. One of the ways to do that while keeping your hands free is the 7 Days to Die Night Vision Goggles. But, unlike many items in 7 Days to Die, these goggles aren’t going to be easy to grab. Let’s go over the best ways to find this expensive-looking headgear.

Where to Find Night Vision Goggles in 7 Days to Die

Where to Find Night Vision Goggles in 7 Days to Die

If you want to find Night Vision Goggles in 7 Days to Die, you will want to hunt down zombies wearing military-grade equipment. These zombies have a good chance to drop the goggles as well as decent armor pieces for free. You will also be able to rarely find them in the inventory of traders, typically for around 6000 Dukes. NVGs are equipped in the glasses slot, replaces any full helmets, and can be activated using the same button as a flashlight.

Unfortunately, there is no good, guaranteed way to find Night Vision Goggles. They cannot be crafted, so you’ll have to loot them from corpses or find them from traders. Either way, you will be looking for a rather rare item.

Look for zombies wearing army fatigues if you want the best chance at finding this headgear. These guys don’t drop it often, but they do drop it enough. They are fairly easy to see in hordes and are very identifiable once you notice them.

However, you can buy them from traders. These guys will ask for 6000 Dukes for a single pair. It is a bit expensive, but well-worth it for the guaranteed chance to have this night time advantage.

You need to equip these to a glasses slot and then hit the Flashlight button (the “f” key on PC, left on the D-pad on console). This will activate night vision mode. Some players have trouble seeing with NVGs. Try using a flashlight as well if you can’t see clearly.