7 Days to Die Nitrate Powder | How to Get

If you’re stuck somewhere between crafting Antibiotics and Gun Powder in 7 Days to Die, you’ve come to the right place. While both items require a certain number of resources, Nitrate Powder is one that might be a little difficult to find. It is a basic ingredient in the game, though it’s not found in everyday locations. Rather, survivors will have to leave their defenses in order to gather some Nitrate Powder for their individual uses. There are a few notable areas in which the basic resource could be located, so let’s dive into it.

How to Get Nitrate Powder in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Nitrate Powder in 7 Days to Die

Nitrate Powder is gathered by mining Potassium Nitrate nodes, as well as searching through body bags and different types of containers. The former can be found both under and above ground. Use a Pickaxe to harvest the source into the item in question. Evidently, the latter requires risky looting through various receptacles. Up to 6,000 pieces of Nitrate Powder can be stored in a stack.

It’s important to keep in mind that Nitrate Powder might not be present within your unique server (either with mods or not). It only seems to appear in the Burnt Forest, Desert, Forest, and Wasteland biomes. Additionally, survivors can find the resource by destroying Stalactites, which can be discovered whilst spelunking.

Nitrate Powder Recipes

Once you acquire enough Nitrate Powder (“NP” here for brevity’s sake), you can then assemble one of these four recipes:

  • Antibiotics – 3 NP, 4 Old Sham Sandwich, 1 Bottled Water (Craft at a Campfire; must learn either Antibiotics recipe or reach Physician level 4)
    Alternatively, players can use 1 NP, 1 Old Sham Sandwich, and 1 Bottled Murky Water. Use these at a Chemistry Station with the same requirements for the recipe and Physician status.
  • Farm Plot – 25 NP, 4 Wood, 10 Rotting Flesh, 100 Clay Soil
  • Gun Powder – 2 NP, 2 Coal (Craft at a Chemistry Station)
    Alternatively, Gun Powder can be made with your own hands by using 2 NP and 2 Coal.
  • Herbal Antibiotics – 3 NP, 5 Blueberries, 3 Mushroom, 3 Chrysanthemum Flower, 1 Bottled Water (Craft at a Campfire; must learn the recipe first)
    Alternatively, you can use 1 NP, 2 Blueberries, 1 Mushroom, 1 Chrysanthemum Flower, and 1 Bottled Murky Water at a Chemistry Station after reading the recipe.

These items can be crucial to your survival in 7 Days to Die. For example, intaking Antibiotics is extremely helpful against a growing infection; Gun Powder can supply you with different ammo types. Be sure to grab as much Nitrate Powder as you can before returning to your base of operations. It’s always good to be extra prepared before the sky turns into a crimson atmosphere.

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