7 Days to Die Rotting Flesh | How to Get

Upon booting up a new world in 7 Days to Die, your character and/or your friends might feel a bit lost. Aside from the fact that zombies now roam the Earth, the only solution now is to survive. We’ll need to build a base, craft weapons, equip sturdy gear, and maintain health stats if we are to make it past the 7-day mark. For that, we’ll need all the resources that the game can offer. Today, we’re looking at Rotting Flesh, which can be obtained within the first hour of gameplay.

How to Get Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die

Rotting Flesh is found by harvesting the corpses of any zombies on the road, preferably with an axe. This not only goes for the human-infested variants but also dogs, zombies, and bears in the world. Body bags will also have a chance of bestowing Rotting Flesh when you loot through them, though it’s rather small. You’ll easily classify it by peeking into your inventory for a grotesque pile of spoiled meat displayed with puke green and white.

A piece of Rotting Flesh is technically a consumable in 7 Days to Die. But as the name would hopefully suggest, ingesting it is not recommended here. It drives a bad impact on your health and stamina, not to mention the 12% chance of triggering dysentery for your character. With this in mind, keep the rotten consumable as a last resort if you find yourself low on food.


However, Rotting Flesh can provide a few crafting options that can be experimented with. There are only a few to choose from, but it always helps to have some ideas in mind when it comes to assembling a fort. Here are the four items that you can make with the repulsive consumable:

  • Can of Sham – 5 Rotting Flesh, 5 Empty Can, 5 Bone, 5 Animal Fat, 1 Acid (Created with Campfire and Cooking Pot)
  • Farm Plot – 10 Rotting Flesh, 4 Wood, 25 Nitrate Powder, 100 Clay Soil
  • Fort Bites – 20 Rotting Flesh, 5 Blood Bag, 1 Beer, 1 Vitamins (Created with Chemistry Station)
  • Hobo Stew – 10 Rotting Flesh, 2 Potato, 2 Ear of Corn, 1 Animal Fat, 1 Botted Water (Created with Campfire and Cooking Pot)

While spoiled food may seem to be an inferior resource, its properties can offer you some basic needs. At the beginning of a playthrough, you’ll naturally scoop up any loot that you can get your hands on. Wood, stone, and various miscellaneous items will be available, coupled with other strange objects from vehicles and corpses. But since the resource is easily accessible, it can help fill a tiny void when you’re running low on supplies. Just be sure to not eat it raw; it has other uses for you.