7 Days to Die Springs | How to Get

Aside from setting up defenses and crafting sturdy gear, the players in 7 Days to Die can build themselves new weapons and furniture. This comes with the resourceful Spring, the coiled metal rod used for a vast number of recipes. With any other item in the game, there’s a certain way of obtaining the object in question. Evidently, you’ll have to venture out into the world to find some Springs, but you won’t have to go far if you know where to loot.

How to Get Springs in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Springs in 7 Days to Die

While Springs can be inside of the Working Stiffs Crates, you’ll have a better chance of harvesting them from several small structures. Using a disassembly tool (impact driver, ratchet, and wrench come to mind), break apart any vehicles, beds, garage metal doors, control panels, and cement mixers. Each harvesting twist will produce new resources for your intake, including the Spring. Defeated infected don’t seem to carry it on them whenever you loot them, so don’t expect much from the grotesque enemies.

Upon obtaining your Springs, you’ll soon find yourself in a realm of crafting possibilities concerning weapons, tools, storage containers, furniture, and other similar items. Before Alpha 18 for 7 Days to Die, Springs were created by crafting together four Forged Steel and two Coal with the Steel Smithing perk. Now, you can explore destroyed establishments and houses if you’re searching for some.

Here are a few recipes that can help get you going once you locate the iron resource:

  • AK-47 Machine Gun – 2 Spring, 4 Machine Gun Parts, 10 Forged Iron, 2 Duct Tape, 10 Scrap Polymer
  • Gyrocopter Accessories – 6 Spring, 49 Electrical Parts, 8 Headlight, 75 Short Iron Pipe, 15 Mechanical Parts
  • King Sized Bed – 20 Spring, 40 Cloth Fragment, 40 Cotton, 20 Wood, 10 Short Iron Pipe

Of course, there are many other recipes to discover when you utilize the resource. Some provide additional firearms and building materials, so be sure to grab as many as possible for your defenses.

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