7 Days to Die Tires | How to Get

When you’re scrambling for loot, just about anything can be utilized in 7 Days to Die. From the rotten, infested homes to the deserted businesses across Navezgane, players have no shortage of abandoned materials. This even includes the Tires in the game, which are obtainable in certain areas. With only 7 days to prepare for an oncoming horde of zombies, it’s important to know what a single Tire could provide you with, even if it’s minimal. As we mentioned before, anything that you can find in the game is useful, with the pneumatic resource in mind.

How to Get Tires in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Tires in 7 Days to Die

Survivors of the zombie apocalypse can locate lost Tires in the middle of the road and behind some stores and buildings. They’re instantly recognizable due to their rubbery texture and carbon-black appearance. Commonly, Tires are found on their own, meaning that singular components only lay dormant as opposed to a few others in one spot. Harvesting a Tire will grant you a few Scrap Polymers and a tiny bit of XP.

Tires are not to be confused with the familiar Wheels in 7 Days to Die. Rather than discovering these on the road, Wheels are typically either crafted at a Workbench or collected by searching through Pass-n-Gas crates. You can use them to build several transport vehicles, such as the Gyrocopter, Motorcycle, Truck, and more.

Obtaining Scrap Polymers

Acquiring Scrap Polymers is accomplishable by scavenging through any plastic-related component in the game with a Wrench. You can still harvest the material without one, but the tool provides a boost in receiving more.

With your Scrap Polymers, you can assemble the following recipes:

  • Double Barrel Shotgun – 10 Scrap Polymers, 4 Shotgun Parts, 10 Forged Iron, 2 Duct Tape, 2 Springs (craft via Workbench after learning schematic)
  • Military Fiber – 10 Scrap Polymers, 1 Bottle of Acid, 5 Duct Tape, 100 Plant Fibers
  • TV – 8 Scrap Polymers, 12 Electrical Parts, 1 Glass Block (craft via Workbench)

In addition to considering recipes, you can carry up to 1,000 Scrap Polymers into a single stack. It cannot be melted, but its usage is otherwise critical to other crafting schematics. If you’re looking for better defenses, start hitting the road for some Tires that might be just sitting around with no infected in sight.

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