7 Days To Die Wheels | How to Get

7 Days To Die is a storied zombie survival game with plenty of things to do. From creating weapons to fortresses, you will have to use everything that the game throws at you if you want to survive every day. Mobility is critical in 7 Days To Die, and that means you will need wheels. However, you can’t just rip one of these off of a sedan and call it a day! Let’s go over what tires do, how we can make them, and what might wind up going wrong.

How to Get Wheels in 7 Days to Die

How to Get Wheels in 7 Days to Die

Wheels in 7 Days To Die can be found as random drops across the map, typically in Pass n Gas crates near gas stations. The Grease Monkey perk will help you collect more from vehicles. In addition, you are able to craft wheels at workbenches. If you want to craft a wheel, you will need 24 Scrap Polymer, one Bottle of Acid, three Forged Iron, two Oil, and 15 Coal.

In Alpha 20, wheel and acid drop rates were nerfed pretty hard, reducing the chance of salvaging them from vehicles. One rank in Grease Monkey will let you craft them, but that will require Acid, another relatively rare resource. Check out houses and residential areas to collect that.

The rest of the materials are salvaged from vehicles, metals, and trash piles. You will need a bit of luck, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Just collect up a chemistry station and workbench to work through some tires!

Wheels are really important. if you want to make a Truck, Bicycle, Gyrocopter, Minibike, or Motorcycle, you’ll need between two and four wheels. These vehicles expand your range of looting massively, as long as you have the fuel to keep your vehicle moving.

In addition, if you complete your questline, you can get a free bike and parts to make more bikes. Be sure to clear these quests to improve your chances at making these vehicles. Though you will almost always want a Grease Monkey if you plan on making anything other than bicycles.