A Handheld History Reaches Funding Goal Within 24 Hours

Even though gaming is still relatively new compared to other forms of media, it still continues to evolve rapidly. As such, it has quite an extensive history that the community of retro game enthusiasts has attempted to cover. That’s why the team at Lost In Cult have combined forces with Retro Dodo to develop A Handheld History, a deep dive into the history of handheld gaming. And, despite kicking off the campaign less than 24 hours ago, the project has since been fully funded.

What Is A Handheld History?

A Handheld History is a collection of writing from gaming experts and aficionados including names such as Jeff Grubb, Janet Garcia, and Mike Diver. It’s also been heavily illustrated by a collection of artists such as Yasmeen Abedifard, Nuri Durr, and Paul Figtree. Developed by Lost in Cult, this book covers many important moments in portable gaming from the release of Pokemon to the development of online communities. The writing includes pieces like essays and retrospectives while the artwork is a collection of photos, illustrations, and more. Available only in hardcover, the upcoming tome boasts over 252 pages of words and art.

Campaign Details

The funding deadline for A Handheld History is Saturday, May 9, 2022 at 6:00 PM GMT. The team is seeking £21,000.00 to complete funding, and that goal was met shortly before 6:00 PM today. Two versions are still available for pre-order for now, including the Standard Edition (£34.99) and Deluxe Edition (£49.99).

The Deluxe Edition comes with several bonuses including a digital copy of the book, an A3 Landscape poster by Stephen Graham, five A5 photo prints by BB Retro, a foiled bookmark, multiple digital wallpapers, and even your name in the book. In order to get access to the digital content, you’ll need to sign up for the Member’s Club.

In addition to the two editions, you can also purchase a variety of add-ons to support the campaign. These include the A Handheld History art print (£30.00), a bookplate (£5.00), and a print set (£10.00). All of the add-ons except for the bookplate are bundled with the Deluxe Edition.

You can follow the campaign as it develops on Lost In Cult and from the Twitter feed of Retro Dodo, a leading retro gaming site and a key contributor to the book’s creation.