Background & Experience:

Jason is a Bostonian whose love for video games goes far beyond mechanics and gameplay. Since he was a child, he has been entranced by the stories that games can tell, including the story that goes beyond the screen. Between creating games on his own and learning more about the technical side of the internet, he writes about the entertainment medium that sparked his love of the controller.

When he’s not interacting with video games, he’s either learning or working on Dungeons & Dragons pieces.

Jason’s Role at Guide Fall:

Jason has been a contributor at Guide Fall for nearly three years. He is a writer of nearly 1,000 articles on the website.

In addition, he’s had the pleasure of writing comprehensive guide coverage for games like Biomutant.


Jason holds a Combined Bachelor’s degree in English and Game Design, with a minor in Computer Science, from Northeastern University.

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In The Media

While Guide Fall is the first outlet Jason has written for professionally, he has several volunteer articles on the Punished Backlog, and wrote several Dungeons & Dragons guides for the website Nerds & Scoundrels.

A few of his other published works include:

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