Background & Experience:

Kevin is a Gulf Coast native and lifelong gamer with a keen eye for video game history. His experience with video games reaches back to the 1980s, dropping quarters into worn-out arcade machines before embracing the comfort of home console and PC gaming. Before long, his knack for details lead him to begin writing about his experiences with games and technology.

Beyond exploring or explaining the latest video games, he spends his time riding his motorcycle, reading science fiction, and playing electric bass.

Kevin’s Role at Guide Fall:

Kevin has been the Editor-in-Chief of Guide Fall for over three years. His role focuses on editorial direction, helping guide the collective vision of the site’s content as well as its team of experienced authors.


Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a focus on Journalism and Public Relations from Mississippi State University.

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In The Media

Freelancing from as far back as 2009, Kevin has written a wide variety of news, features, and guides for outlets such as Spawn Kill, [email protected], Modojo, Shacknews, and GameRevolution. You can find a full list of his professional reviews at his OpenCritic page.

A few of his other published works include:

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