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Riley Fonger is a Calgary-based freelance writer who grew up gaming on every PlayStation and Xbox console before finally converting to a PC gamer. His earliest and fondest gaming memories stem from Halo, Bioshock, Borderlands, Uncharted, and the Souls series, which have all ignited his interest in story-driven games. However, since becoming a PC Gamer, he’s enjoyed the beauty of every genre, playing anything from FPS to RTS.

Aside from logging hours at his setup, Riley spends his time playing, watching, and investing himself in any competitive sport possible. He has an appetite for adventure and experiences that was inspired by his early gaming memories and now extends well beyond them.

Riley’s Role at Guide Fall:

Riley is a dedicated guide writer who specializes in offering in-game solutions for a wide range of games and genres. His skills include RPG quest solutions, finding answers for in-game tasks, building, crafting, in-game commands, and much more.


Riley is currently working towards his Bachelor of Communication in Journalism and Digital Media, as well as a minor focus in Public Relations, from Mount Royal University.

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In The Media

Riley has been a freelance writer for the last three years, and started by writing about sports for print until transitioning to writing online gaming and tech articles for Guide Fall and Gaming.Net. He also writes headset reviews for Headphonesty.

A few of his other published works include:

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