Background & Experience:

Will is initially from Chicago, but has spent more time abroad than anywhere near his home city. While on the move, he discovered a love for gaming, especially on long trips. That grew into a curiosity and fascination that sparked his creativity in both writing and drawing. When he’s not doodling in his spare time, he’s playing games, and writing about playing games.

Will also likes to have adventures of his own, including studying game design, cooking new recipes, discovering new art, and traveling.

Will’s Role at Guide Fall:

Will is the News and Features Writer for Guide Fall. His main duties revolve around featured content, including reviews, videos, spotlight lists, opinion pieces, and interviews with those in the industry. He’s also been known to tinker with the graphic design from time-to-time.


Will holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on History and Theater from Oberlin College.

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In The Media

Will official began his career in freelance journalism in 2020. Though he appears frequently and consistently on Guide Fall, he’s also written pieces for TechRaptor, TheGamer, and Pocket Gamer.

A few of his other published works include:

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