Alan Wake 2 Is Nearing Completion According To Remedy

There are cliffhangers that have been lingering so long that people have given up hope for any type of resolution. Well, one well-timed resolution seems to be in sight for a certain popular franchise. The Alan Wake series is getting a sequel in Alan Wake 2 that now supposedly playable “from start to finish”. It’s been many years since the world has heard anything from Mr. Wake, but this gives hope that there may finally be an end in sight to his journey. The game is currently on track to release later this year and people are looking forward to continuing the novelist’s story.

Alan Wake 2 Will Soon Be Ready to Play

Stephen King hasn’t been massively involved in the gaming world. However, Alan Wake took a lot of inspiration from his stories and brought them across in 2010. Since then, the series went to involve small expansions and spin-offs without ever finishing the main story, but Alan Wake 2 is looking to address that. According to a company financial statement, the game in its current state is “playable from start to finish.” The CEO Tero Virtala hopes that this news will renew interest in the series, with a remaster of the first game being released in 2021.

The story of Alan Wake is one of cosmic horror as told from the perspective of a fiction writer. It follows the adventure of Alan Wake, a successful but troubled writer who is currently suffering from prolonged writer’s block. In order to help, his wife Alice arranges for them to take a trip to a small lakeside town. There she hopes the change of pace and scenery will inspire him. Not only does he react negatively, but pretty soon the whole town is consumed by darkness. The effect twists the townsfolk into shadowy monsters, which set about stealing Alice away. Alan must to fight his through to save her from something that sounds like one of his own stories.

Alan Wake grabbed the spotlight with its atmospheric presentation and interesting story. By all accounts, the tale continuation of the tale is shaping up nicely. With Alan Wake 2 in a playable state, players may see its release sometime in 2023.