All Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations

The Tallneck is one of the most unique machines in Horizon Forbidden West. These machines are peaceful giants that you use to get information on the region. Even though they won’t attack you, at first sight, climbing them will be your challenge. They are in different regions and parts of the story, so the method to climb them changes every time. Here is the list of Tallnecks in this game, their locations, and some tips to overcome them.

All Tallneck Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a total of six Tallneck locations in Horizon Forbidden West. While they might not seem too important, once you make it to the top of each one, it will reveal a variety of interest points on your map that will be helpful down the line. If you’re a trophy hunter, visiting all six will also unlock the “All Tallnecks Overridden” trophy. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each location and some tips for making your way to the top.

Cinnabar Sands Tallneck

Cinnabar Sands Tallneck Location

The Cinnabar Sands Tallneck is the first in the game and you are going to know the location by the main questline. Take Plainsong as your reference and go southeast of it. Once you arrive near it, you will find it walking around a broken satellite dish. To get on top, you must climb up the top of the dish so you can glide to it. However, before that, you are going to prepare the dish. Look for an energy cell and use the panel to rotate it.

Shining Wastes Tallneck

Shining Wastes Tallneck Location

Shining Wastes Tallneck location is quite easy to find but it is locked by the main story. That is to say, you will only be capable of getting to the top of it after the quest “The Wings of the Ten.” In this one, Aloy learns how to use a flying mount. So before you can do that, looking at it is all that is left.

Stillsands Tallneck

Stillsands Tallneck

For the Stillsands Tallneck, you must go south of Camp Nowhere. Once more, it is not hard to find it. But initially, it is clear that climbing it is not going to be easy. To do so, you need to knock it down by using some ballistae. The quest will point them out to you, so all you need to do is shoot it down!

Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck

Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck

West of Cliffwatch, you will find the Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck location. It’ll be strolling around the area where there is a village at the top of the trees. Climb the trees to jump on the back of the Tallneck. After this, you have to jump from it to a higher part of the village. Keep going until you are at the same level of its head so you can jump on it. Keep in mind that you should always drop the ladder when you find one or you will have to do all over again in case you fall.

Landfall Tallneck

To find the Landfall Tallneck you need to go South of Legacy’s Landfall. Among the Tallnecks, this is a different one since it is dead when you find it. To bring it back to life, you must get into the water and scan it. After that, you go look for its missing pieces, but be careful with the enemies in the area. Once it is alive and walking, you need to get to the top of the submerged buildings. Once you find the right spot, jump on its back so you can climb to the upper part of it. Similar to the Shining Wastes Tallneck, to complete this quest you will need a specific item earned through the main questline. So you can’t rush to it!

Salt Bite Tallneck

Salt Bite Tallneck

The Salt Bite Tallneck is the last that you have access to. Because of the main questline, you end up in the Cauldron: IOTA, north of Scalding Spear. Since you need to override this Tallneck to complete the quest, it is basically impossible to miss it. Mind you that the Salt Bite Tallneck is not shown on the map.

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