Angry Apex Legends Players Are Crashing Servers Using Xbox Exploit

Apex Legends is one of the most popular shooters around, but some players are taking losses too seriously. New reports indicate that losing players, trolls, and garden-variety griefers are working to deliberately crash game servers. They’re accomplishing this by using a particular glitch while playing the game on Xbox, specifically the Series X. Unsurprisingly, the community and developers are taking this behavior very seriously, even going so far as to consider it a form of cheating.

Game Breaking Apex Legends Xbox Server Crash Exploit

Online multiplayer games are known for being notoriously hard to maintain, and Apex Legends is perhaps chief among them. This game has had many server issues in the past which resulted in backlash and frustration. However, the problem has never been quite so frustrating as it is now.

This latest glitch is just one of many that have appeared in the game since the Season 13: Saviors update. Though how it works is unclear, it seems Xbox users can do something to totally crash the entire server. Even though the exploit only works on Xbox, it affects players across all consoles thanks to crossplay.

It’s unknown how long the glitch has been active, but it has already led to some pretty severe responses. Most notably, Twitch streamer Awhlyssa received a 10,000-hour ban on Xbox after triggering an Apex Legends server crash during a stream. Whether this was intentional or not, it spurred many viewers to accuse her of cheating. Though her Twitter account has since been deleted, it’s not hard to find a clip of the server crash she allegedly caused (warning: clip contains severe foul language).

No other big names in gaming or streaming have been caught using this exploit so far. All the same, the gravity of the exploit remains a growing concern. Developer Respawn Entertainment has made no comment about the glitches, and instead appears to be focusing its attention toward further updates. It looks like this server crashing exploit is here to stay, at least for now.