Animal Crossing New Horizons Rusted Parts | Where to get and how to use

Animal Crossing New Horizons Rusted Parts

If you have been playing the new Animal Crossing chances are you may have recently found rusted parts and have no idea what they are or what they’re used for. In this guide, we will explain exactly what Animal Crossing New Horizons rusted parts are and where and how to use them.

Where to Get Rusted Parts in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Rusted Parts

Rusted parts are crafting items that are needed for certain DIY crafting recipes that can be unlocked in the game. Players can find Animal Crossing New Horizons rusted parts in the recycling box each time they help an NPC named Gulliver.

To find Gulliver, the player will need to encounter him when he shows up on the beach sleeping. He shouldn’t be hard to find, as he is a seagull wearing a blue uniform. Further, you’ll need to talk to him continuously to wake him up. 

After a while, Gulliver will eventually wake up and then inform the player that he fell off his ship and will need communicator parts in order to contact his crew. You will then get an objective to locate five communicator parts for him, and upon receiving them, he will promise to send the player a gift the next day.

After receiving the gift, players will need to head to Resident Services and check the recycling box to find a rusted part.

What are Animal Crossing New Horizons Rusted Parts Used For?

As previously stated, rusted parts are needed for several different DIY crafting recipes that will become as you continue you to upgrade Resident Services. One of the recipes includes a robot, which will require 30 parts to craft. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to help Gulliver multiple times, as you only get one rusted part every time you help him. 

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