Another Death Stranding Is In The Works According To Norman Reedus

When Hideo Kojima parted from Konami, Death Stranding was his first big project. But the story doesn’t stop there. Kojima Productions’ unusual new title proved to be a financial success, and apparently it’s one that warrants a sequel. Norman Reedus, the star and face of the imminent Death Stranding series, has been quoted in an interview saying that Kojima Productions “just started the second one”. There’s still no in-depth detail about how different the sequel will be from the first, but it’s obvious that Reedus is going to reprise his role as Sam Porter Bridges.

Another “Strand-Based” Game

Death Stranding is a very unique game. It has a lot of new ideas and concepts, largely thanks to Kojima himself. It’s a long story, and though it ends on a high note, it’s clear the tale is meant to continue. Whether or not Sam will be returning as the primary protagonist, Norman Reedus is definitely involved.

Since it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, people are forced to live in heavily-protected shelters and settlements. This is to protect them from supernatural entities known as Beached Things, bandits called Mules, and the perplexing weather phenomenon called Timefall.

The gameplay of Death Stranding revolved around Sam’s job as a porter. He’s a person who must brave the wasteland to deliver much-needed packages between sites. As such, players spend a lot of time running around, climbing, and avoiding hazards in order to deliver packages. Sam also has to connect all the sites to establish a working network across what remains of the US. There are also some chaotic encounters where players need to fight back using firearms and explosives.

It’s unclear whether or not critical complaints will be addressed in the Death Stranding sequel. All the same, fans are undoubtedly excited to see the next game out of Kojima Productions.