Arcadegeddon Introduces Randomly-Generated Biomes to Third-Person Shooting

Today, Sony announced Arcadegeddon for PlayStation 5 at their State of Play event. The latest release from IllFonic, Arcadegeddon tasks players with protecting an arcade in danger of closing down – a scarily prescient situation. To achieve this, players control a range of creatures to fend off hordes of enemies. The key selling point, though, is that it randomly generates each level, ensuring no two matches are the same.

If you combine Minecraft’s spawn system and Fortnite’s third-person shooting, and you’re getting somewhere near the Arcadegeddon vibe. Today’s reveal trailer shows off the colorful aesthetic, and the sheer verticality of the worlds in which you’ll battle. You’ll play as Gilly, who owns the arcade in question. To fight off his arcade’s closure, he develops a game to astound audiences. You’ll need to purge a sinister virus, planted within the code. The gameplay focuses on you shooting the virus within the game, to clear it up and save the arcade.

How this will manifest is currently unclear, but IllFonic confirm it’s a multiplayer shooter. Whether it’s the multiplayer-only route of games like Call of Duty or a co-op campaign, we don’t know yet. What we do know is that levels are randomly generated, ensuring the battles never run out of excitement. It might even have the scope of No Man’s Sky, which boasted millions of unique worlds for players to explore. Arcadegedon could pave the way for a truly unique multiplayer shooter, where you can’t learn maps beforehand.

Is There An Arcadegeddon Release Date?

Since IllFonic announced it today, details on the Arcadegeddon release date are still pretty thin on the ground. The game will release on PlayStation 5 and PC later in 2022. Until then, early access is live now, meaning you can try out the game before the final product arrives It’s certainly a release to keep an eye on – especially if illFonic keeps good on the expansive promise of its multiplayer.