Ark Hits Record Player Counts During Free Steam Giveaway

While early on Ark: Survival Evolved was in flux in terms of community size, their recent promotion has changed this significantly. Presented by Studio Wildcard, the open-world dinosaur game has recently become available on Steam. Unlike other free-to-play periods, it appears that anyone who chooses to download the game now will be able to keep it without having to worry about paying later. Players have plenty of time to take advantage of this opportunity as this offer will last until June 19th with a record number having already taking advantage of it.

Free To Play Ark: Survival Evolved

Right from the get go, Ark: Survival Evolved was an ambitious game. Getting past the very detailed character customization screen, players had the chance to explore an archipelago of islands stuck in an unknown period of time. Originally released in 2017, this game has gone through multiple changes and updates all with the goal to provide players with a more functional and balanced experience. The game has since dropped in price to $24.99 and also offers the Ultimate Survivor Upgrade which includes numerous DLCs and Soundtracks. There is also a fair amount of content created by the community including new assets and new areas to explore.

When starting Ark: Survival Evolved, the amount of details can be intimidating. You’re set loose in a natural hostile world. There are a lot of resources and materials to quickly build yourself up and doing so can create a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The game is open to play however you want as you work your way up from having nothing to having your own fortress. You’ll be able to tame dinosaurs and even build mechs to aid you in various ways. You can play by yourself or work with players around the world to build the biggest and strongest structures with the most dinosaurs.

Though Ark: Survival Evolved has dealt with a number of technical and online issues, it’s working hard to become more accessible and expand its appeal. By letting players download it this week for free and to own forever, the game’s community will continue to grow more than it ever has before.