As Dusk Falls School Name | What Is It?

As Dusk Falls is a very effective interactive drama. While it may not be as graphically animated as some Telltale games, it stole our hearts with its intense story and great characters. In fact, it’s so good at stealing our attention that it can be easy to miss the little details that keep you safe. There are a massive amount of decisions and information, so you’ll probably miss something on your first playthrough. For instance, when Vanessa’s dad asks what school you go to, you might be in a bit of a jam. Thankfully, we can help!

What Is The School Name in As Dusk Falls?

What Is The School Name in As Dusk Falls?

Vanessa goes to Bridgeley Catholic School in As Dusk Falls. If you provide this school name to her father, he’ll become a bit less suspicious of you. Don’t stress too much about his interrogation, though; this scene is much more about character building than anything else. You’ll have mostly the same options during the rest of the scene and the game.

You will have discovered this information from a letter to Mr. Dorland several scenes ago. The letter talks about Vanessa’s smoking habits, and includes the name of the school at the top. That’s right; that tiny little detail on an optional letter could give you the information you need to make the right decision! This game is intense! There are other choices similar to this in the future, as well!

While we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for information to avoid bad situations, there is rarely reason to panic over this stuff. A lot of the time, these are very minor dialogue choices that change how people behave towards you slightly. For instance, in this scene, Mr. Dorland will simply be more apprehensive of you. This is in line with how others will treat you for getting basic facts wrong… And does not come close to the most important decisions you’ll make in a given scene.

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