Astroneer Gateway Engine | How to Find

Astroneer has some pretty set and defined goals by now, even though it regularly receives updates. One of the most critical goals is to reach the center of any given planet. Each planet of this game has the secret to making travel significantly less of a headache. So, if you’re tired of hotfooting it across the surface of every planet in the galaxy, you’re in luck! We’ll go over what the Gateway Engine does in Astroneer so you can save a bit of time.

How to Find the Gateway Engine in Astroneer

How to Find the Gateway Engine in Astroneer

In order to find the Gateway Engine, you must reach the center of the planet. Each planet has one of these cores, which will require a specific resource in order to activate, and require a Gateway Chamber to be activated on the surface. By crafting a Geometric Triptych within the center of the planet, you can activate it. Then, you will be able to teleport between the chambers on the surface of the planet and to the satellite orbiting the planet.

Reaching the Gateway Engine is not difficult, at least not once you’re used to the game. Because they’re in the center of the planet, you can usually find them just by going on mining expeditions.

Each one is protected by a shield, which is deactivated by reaching a Gateway Chamber on the surface. You will have to supply power to active these chambers.

Then, once you’re inside the barrier, a symbol will be shown. This symbol is the resource that you must provide the Engine in order to make the Geometric Triptych item. This item will power the engine if you bring it to the center of the room. You may have to use the Terrain Tool to move from the pillars of the room towards the center.

You will know that you have activated the Engine if an Odd Stone appears. This stone is your teleportation device, and will allow you to move between activated chambers and the Satellite, if you’ve reached that with your rocket ship.