Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Set To Release Before Avatar 2

The cinema world was overwhelmed by the release of Avatar, and it looks like the series is getting a new game this year. The sequel to the hit film has been in production for years, and the game Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora has developed alongside to potentially release in 2022. With Avatar 2 set to come out at the end of the year, Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora may be first in line with a November release as teased by Ubisoft. However, without an official release date announced, people remain skeptical.

The New Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Game

It was in 2009 that Avatar arrived in cinemas from the mind of renowned director James Cameron. Despite the film’s financial and critical success, a sequel remained unconfirmed for the longest time. Now in 2022, both Avatar 2 and Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora are supposedly coming out in December and November respectively. Even with such support, the Avatar franchise struggled to find a foothold in gaming with the massively unsuccessful James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game also by Ubisoft. It appears that the devs haven’t given up and have put more time and resources into this new attempt.

With such an expansive and rich world to work with, Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora looks to be taking advantage of the material. The game appears as a first-person action adventure game set on the alien planet Pandora. As one of the tall blue aliens native to the planet, the Navi, you will have to fight against the invasive human presence that threatens to destroy your world. You’ll need to use a variety of survival and hunting skills in order to use the environment to your advantage. It also looks like players will be able to use the Navi’s natural ability to link with the natural world as well as the creatures that inhabit it. This game looks like it will be a blend of combat and exploration with all of Pandora to discover.

Both the film Avatar 2 and game Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora have been developing in the background and people may get to see them in 2022. Though not confirmed yet, the game could be available as soon as November.