Back 4 Blood | How to Unlock Characters

While the starting crew of Back 4 Blood is quite stellar, it’s missing a little bit of something. Since the game is hosting a ton of character abilities that makes characters matter more than for their personality, unlocking is more critical than ever! But, how do you unlock characters in Back 4 Blood when the game is almost certainly an objective-based linear affair? Well, we’ll tell you what milestones to reach!

How to Unlock Characters in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Unlock Characters

In order to unlock the four extra characters in Back 4 Blood, you must complete the first act of the game “The Devil’s Return.” After that point, you’ll make it to the main hub of the game, where character customization really shines! This is the area where you’ll meet Doc, Hoffman, Karlee, and Jim.

From this point on, have the full squad of eight characters with you. You can also spend the time to change your character, card deck, and test out weapons while in Fort Hope.

Each character in Back 4 Blood has a unique trait or perk that lets you take on the zombie apocalypse in your own way. The perks include;

  • Evangelo: The scout of the group that boosts everyone’s movement speed. Melee starter.
  • Holly: The team tank that boosts everyone’s stamina. Melee starter.
  • Mom: The “mom” of the group can pick people up fast, has room for more healing, and even grants an extra life. Melee starter.
  • Walker: The gunman of the team, though has a small amount of durability boosting. Pistol starter.
  • Doc: Has better healing capabilities, and can heal without items. Pistol starter.
  • Hoffman: Spawns more ammo and can have an extra offense item. Pistol starter.
  • Jim: The team’s sniper, with a heavy focus on precision. Pistol starter.
  • Karlee: The utility specialist, who can get to items quickly and helps everyone dig in their bags faster. Pistol starter.

All of these characters are viable in their own rights, and the character does not change what card decks you can bring. However, these passives provide a major bonus to your team! Try to coordinate with your co-op partners about who plays as who before you enter the apocalypse once more.