Back 4 Blood Single-Player | Can You Play Campaign Solo?

While it is well known that Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer experience, many games like this do have single-player mode. The intense teamwork that comes into play for the game might be a little lacking, though. How can you play solo in a game where every monster could permanently incapacitate you? Because of that, we’re here to answer two questions: Can you play the campaign single-player? And, if you can, what does that solo campaign look like?

Can You Play Back 4 Blood Single-Player?

Back 4 Blood Single-Player

Yes, you can play the Back 4 Blood campaign in single-player mode. While you are technically riding solo, you will have three AI companions that follow you around the battlefield and will do their best to save you. You will still have to play online, however. This is to allow for the seamless co-op experience to kick in, just in case you want others to join you.

Unfortunately, as of launch, Back 4 Blood will always be online, requiring players to have internet connection. This is to enforce the game’s goal of true drop-in, drop-out cooperative play. Even if you’re mid-mission, you can start matchmaking or invite people into your group.

Thankfully, if you want to play solo, you can make sure people don’t just hop in. This can be done through private lobbies or by turning matchmaking off. That being said, if your internet disconnects, you may get booted from the game. This is not the title for offline play, even in single-player mode.

If you do play solo, that doesn’t mean you’re locked into it forever! You’ll still be able to gain cards and character abilities as you play any campaign type you like. These cards and abilities are unlockable permanently, meaning solo progress does carry into co-op play. It’s totally possible to farm up your stats outside of multiplayer so you can catch up with your friends!

There’s nothing stopping you from playing Back 4 Blood alone, but do be warned: the AI is not the greatest. You may end up with some frustrating deaths due to your teammates’ inconsistent strategies. It’s a far cry from the AI of Left 4 Dead, but don’t expect them to be as useful as real human friends in a pinch.