Back 4 Blood Snitches | How to Kill

Snitches really do get stitches in Back 4 Blood, and most of that trouble comes from the Ridden. One special type just so happens to be the Snitcher, a slow roaming figure distinguished by an elongated neck. These mutated fiends possess the ability to alert all nearby Ridden that Cleaners are near with a devastating scream. Killing them may seem easy once the horde is alerted, but you can take a few measures in order to prevent the Snitcher’s signal. Keep reading on if you need a hand in killing a Snitcher in Back 4 Blood.

How to Kill Snitches in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood How to Kill Snitches

You can easily kill a Snitcher with an upgraded frag grenade before it has a chance to alert the horde. While unaware, the impact from the sudden grenade will cause the Snitcher to crumble, saving you and your fellow Cleaners from another wave of Ridden. Additionally, if everyone were to sync up with aligned shots, then shooting down the Snitcher be a swift effort.

The key here is to not disturb the Snitcher. It’s important to note that these special Ridden are blind, so use this to your advantage. Strangely enough, a flashbang will stun them for a quick moment. If you manage to stun one, you can run up to it and blast it away with a shotgun; or, a frag grenade if you want to be sure. The only thing you need to worry about is the other Ridden in the area. One little slip and the Snitcher will commence its diabolical screech. Plus, if you successfully kill a Snitcher without alerting the horde, you’ll receive the achievement “Snitches Get Stitches”.

If you don’t have a frag grenade amongst your team’s inventory, you can also try a suppressed weapon on a Snitcher. Since they’re technically unaware while they roam about, suppressed weaponry will deal increased damage. But if these aren’t your cup of tea, your next best chance is to quickly melee the Snitcher. This will temporarily stagger them, giving you and your teammates enough time to bring down the enemy.

Keep in mind that sound attracts the Snitcher, so be cautious of your actions when coming across one. A snitch can seriously mess things up for a team, so work together to take them out.

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