Back 4 Blood Total Apocalypse Outfits | How to Get

Cosmetics are a big part of the Back 4 Blood metagame, in that there are a surprising number of options already. From weapon skins to basic outfits and everything in between, you can personalize your character quite a lot. Because of that, knowing how to unlock skins will be important. The Total Apocalypse outfits are all awesome, and say a lot about how these guys would react to the end-times. But, the game offers no explanation as to how to find them. Thankfully, it’s not gonna be too hard to find!

How to Get Total Apocalypse Outfits in Back 4 Blood

How to Get Total Apocalypse Outfits in Back 4 Blood

The Total Apocalypse Outfits require a Supply Line acquisition that is almost entirely random. In order to get them, you’ll need to purchase enough campaign cards to get cosmetic supply lines. Each piece of the Total Apocalypse set costs about 250 Supply Points. In order to purchase all 24 pieces of the set, you’ll need 6000 Supply Points.

Sadly, despite how good these cosmetics are, they are completely random. You will need some luck to find them. The more card packs you acquire, the more supply lines will be filled with cosmetic options. So, make sure you buy as many cards as you can so you can find the cosmetic items you’re interested in.

The Total Apocalypse set comes in supply lines based on head, torso, or leg cosmetic items. You will be forced to purchase the items, one after another, for each character individually. And they will usually within the head, torso, or leg category, so you’ll not have a fully complete set for a long time.

Unlike the card packs, the Total Apocalypse set will not influence your character’s stats in any sort of way. These are strictly skins or cosmetic items that you do not need for any build. We suggest that you collect cards beforehand, so your build is the correct power level to handle high difficulty content.

Unlike some cosmetic sets (looking at you Battle Hardened), the Total Apocalypse outfits are available for all 8 characters. You will probably have unlocked all characters beforehand, but you’ll need to unlock characters before you can see what their Total Apocalypse look is like.