Back 4 Blood Weapon Skins | How To Unlock

Zombie-killing business is no joke in Back 4 Blood. From swift Ridden foes to towering beasts of disgust and gore, things can get excessively bloody. That’s why it’s important to show off the sickest gear the apocalypse has to offer. With the interchangeable skins that the game offers, you’ll be able to unlock different styles for your weaponry. Here’s how you can do so with our guide on Back 4 Blood‘s weapon skins.

How to Unlock Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

How to Unlock Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

Unlocking and equipping weapon skins in Back 4 Blood is as easy as starting up the game. At Fort Hope, the base for the Cleaners, an NPC at a picnic table is in charge of offering supply lines for various rewards. Her menu can be accessed through the menu under Supply Lines. Within Supply Lines, you’re bound to run into a weapon skin that can be bought with Supply Points, the in-game currency for Back 4 Blood.

After you eventually buy your way through the card system and earn some cosmetics, a weapon skin will soon come your way. Once you buy one with your points, you can then equip the appropriate skin through the Quartermaster or through the Armory tab in your menu.

For each individual supply line, you’ll be able to get a peek of what you’ll be investing into. This makes the entire process optional on whichever line you spend points on. Each Supply Line will contain eight distinct items. You’ll encounter dissimilar spray foregrounds, emblems, cards, and gear pieces for characters. Acquiring a weapon skin will take some time and work, so you better get cleaning if you want to switch up your weapons’ looks.

Whenever you spend enough points on a line, a fresh one will take its place. This all depends on how you spend your in-game currency. If you need Supply Points, simply progress your way through the game’s campaign and PvP matches. As a bonus, you’ll unlock more characters along the way. If you’re playing on a higher difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with additional Supply Points for your suffering with the Ridden. Just be sure to have a handy deck with you before you venture into action.