Battlefield 1 Currently Free for Amazon Prime Subscribers, Battlefield V Follows

Good news for Amazon Prime subscribers today, as you can current grab Battlefield 1 totally free of charge. It’s available as part of Amazon’s Prime Gaming deals, where new games are made available each month without charge to Prime subscribers. The news gets better though, as after that, Battlefield V will be free as well.

That’s right, the two most recent entries in the Battlefield franchise can be yours for absolutely nothing, provided you’ve got a Prime subscription. All you’ll need is an Origin account, as that’s where you’ll download the game. As that’s EA’s proprietary PC platform, most customers will already have an account, making it easy to grab the games. The promotion is no doubt part of the build-up to Battlefield 2042, which is due for release later this year. With an EA Play conference set to show off more BF2042 gameplay tomorrow, now is the perfect time for them to give out copies of previous games.

Battlefield V

It’s worth mentioning that sadly, console players can’t take advantage of this deal. Amazon’s Prime Gaming offers are almost always exclusive to PC. They do have some freebies for console players, like GTA Online currency and FIFA packs, but sadly, you won’t be able to get the Battlefield games for free. 2018’s Battlefield V was free on PlayStation Plus in May, though, meaning many fans will already have the game. Nonetheless, you’ll only be able to grab these freebies if you’re on PC and have a Prime subscription.

Battlefield 1, the WWI edition of the first-person shooter franchise, is available for free now. That offer will last until August 1. After that, Battlefield V will release for free too — but it’s currently unclear how long that offer will last. It’s good news for prospective fans though. It’ll allow curious gamers to test out the franchise before the futuristic Battlefield 2042 releases this October. Just remember to claim them before the deal runs out!