Battlefield 2042 | How to Check Scoreboard

The season of giving is upon us, and Battlefield 2042 is giving us loads of fantastical carnage. Buildings collapse below the thunders of natural disasters while men and women rage war against one another. In the midst of all the action, keeping a mental note of how many kills and deaths you’ve acquired can greatly vary. Fortunately, you can check on your match’s stats by quickly checking out the scoreboard in-game.

How to Check Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 How to Check Scoreboard

Any fighter on the battlefield can check the scoreboard by holding down the Options button on a controller and Tab on a mouse & keyboard. Doing so will display every current player’s match statistics coupled with the squads that they’re a part of. The scoreboard will also give you all of the important information about the match. This includes the number of Tickets on each side, how many players are connected, and which sectors have been overtaken.

The other chunk of the scoreboard will show you how many kills, assists, revives, captures, defenses, and deaths you’ve accumulated during the match. Additionally, any ribbons you’ve achieved will also show up when you check the scoreboard.

Battlefield 2042‘s scoreboard is probably a little different if you’ve been playing previous entries in the series. Older scoreboards would give you every player’s kill/death count in an extensive list. It would fill the screen, providing you with potential hope or shame that you might be toward the top or near the bottom. And while some players are adjusting to the new scoreboard’s layout, veterans of the series are demanding for the traditional format to return. The new scoreboard doesn’t share the statistics for every single player in the match or the number of times they’ve fallen in combat.

The new scoreboard, in a way, simplifies the statistics by omitting a couple of numbers. It leaves an opening for players to rely on when opening up the scoreboard without the screen piling up with data. And even though some Battlefield players might not be fond of the changes, this could be the new norm for fighters to use when hopping back online.