Battlefield 2042 | How to Play Rush Mode

After a shaky launch, it seems like DICE is getting its boots on the ground for Battlefield 2042. Update 3 has been strong for two weeks now, and it has given us those incremental performance improvements that 2042 needs. It also added a few new game modes! Of those Battlefield 2042 options is Rush Mode, an attack and defense team-based game where attackers have to destroy key points before getting eliminated. Unfortunately, like many modes in Battlefield 2042, it is not obvious where you can play this mode. If you’re struggling to get your feet on the ground in a Rush map, we can help you!

How to Play Rush in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Rush Mode

In order to play rush mode in Battlefield 2042, you’ll need to join a server that has the mode active. This can be available right from the featured options on the Portal menu, which will send you into a server. Otherwise, you can filter based on what kind of rush you want to play with. Sadly, this is a limited time mode that is currently only available until December 15th. After that, who knows when it will return.

Rush mode is great fun in 2042, which is why it’s sad to see it go so soon. This event lasted only for a week. A week for a fan-favorite mode! Hopefully player outcry will allow the mode to be extended for a while longer.

If you do not like the basic modes on the featured page, you can either make your own server or check out some of the options. For instance, “Rush of Ages” allows you to play on old Battlefield maps, recreating some of the experiences from them. Otherwise, a player-hosted server may have the specific settings you are looking for!

Battlefield 2042 may not be the ultimate Battlefield experience, but it is certainly getting there. It is beautiful, charming, and has quite a few mechanics that promise to be a key staying point of the series in the future. If you want to learn more about this honestly good game, check out some of our guides!

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