Battlefield 2042 | How to Switch Teams

We already know that Battlefield 2042 offers the incredibly unique Battlefield Portal, which is a game-changer by itself. But, there are also a ton of quality of life to look forwards to, such as easier weapon adjustments. That being said, there are a few options that we haven’t heard so much about. One of these features is whether or not players will be able to switch teams in Battlefield 2042. Let’s talk about it!

Can You Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042?

Can You Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042?

As of right now, you are unable to switch teams in Battlefield 2042, even in Battlefield Portal. There is no team swap option in the pause menu. The closest you can get is to leave the server that you’re on and then attempt to come back, but that is not a guarantee.

The Battlefield franchise has always had a tumultuous relationship with team balancing. The developers made the decision early on to prevent team switching. This was to prevent players leaving teams out of anger or when they started losing. It also stops a Squad from screwing over the team that they were just on.

However, many players worry about the matchmaking of Battlefield 2042. The beta had some pretty mediocre team balancing, so players are hoping for good updates to the games’ systems to prevent this issue from appearing once again. However, DICE has offered little to console players about the team balancing aspect of the game.

No matter what, the chance that official DICE servers will offer team switching is minimal. They seem quite determined to snuff out attempts to simply run from bad team situations without trying to tough it out. What might be more possible is an implementation of team switch in Portal. That is a community-driven decision, and if many members of the community ask for it, it might be added. Then, you can play on servers that offer dynamic team-switching in order to balance things out.

For right now, though, its very safe to assume that you will not have a menu option to switch teams.