Battlefield 2042 Intel Ribbons | How to Get

Rewards and accolades are key to the progression system within Battlefield 2042. Collecting Ribbons is a great way to bag yourself some extra XP, which can be crucial while grinding through the long levels. Most Ribbons are rather straightforward to acquire, aside from the Intel Ribbon, which has more detailed and niche requirements. Luckily, we’re here to explain how to get your hands on the Battlefield 2042 Intel Ribbons.

How to Get Intel Ribbons in Battlefield 2042

How to Get Intel Ribbons in Battlefield 2042

There are two main ways to get the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042. Within a single round of a match, you need either to spot a certain number of enemy players, or disrupt their tech by using EMPs or drones. Neither are key to the gameplay loop in Battlefield 2042, which is why earning Intel Ribbons can be slightly tricky.

The most common way to get the Intel Ribbon is by spotting enemies. This is where you send a ping to your teammates when viewing an enemy, which shows their location to other allies. It’s a crucial way of seeing exactly which enemies are lurking nearby. Therefore, the chances are you may already use it prior to trying to get this specific Ribbon.

The other requirement is slightly more difficult, needing you to disrupt enemies in a variety of ways. The best way to do so is by interrupting their equipment, using as using EMPs to affect planted objects. On top of that, simply shooting down enemy drones is another way to work your progress in this Ribbon.

Of course, completing these requirements just once won’t bag you the Intel Ribbons. Instead, you’ll need to do them a number of times, to build up your meter. The first time you fill it, you’ll get the tier 1 Ribbon, worth 1,000 XP. Complete it again and you reach tier 2, which comes with an extra 500 XP. Do it one more after that, and you get another bonus 500 XP for tier 3.

There’s a lot of progression on offer, so be sure to try and grab some Intel Ribbons in Battlefield 2042!