Battlefield 2042 | Is There Team Deathmatch?

Battlefield 2042 has had a bit of a rough launch, to say the least. While most of its issues come from bugs, there are a few features of the game that players might be missing. Game modes especially can be hard to find, since the Battlefield Portal system tends to handle a lot of different game types. But, if you can’t play Team Deathmatch in Battlefield 2042 on an official server, would it even feel like a Battlefield title? Let’s see if we can find a consistent game, or if we have to pray.

Does Battlefield 2042 Have Team Deathmatch?

Battlefield 2042 Team Deathmatch

Unfortunately, no, Battlefield 2042 does not have a consistent, DICE server-based Team Deathmatch mode. The only games that run from a consistent server are Conquest, Breakthrough, and Hazard Zone. Breakthrough is kinda close to Team Deathmatch, but is closer to a game of Rainbow Six Siege than anything else. So, if you want to play traditional TDM, you’ll have to play on a custom server.

This isn’t exactly what we had in mind. The only games that are guaranteed to have servers are the All-Out Warfare modes and Hazard Zone. All-Out Warfare includes Conquest, a limited reinforcement territory control game, and breakthrough, an attacker vs. defender objective control mode. Hazard Zone is a battle royale-style game.

So, Team Deathmatch is restricted to the custom game modes provided by Portal. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean you have to trust random players to provide the game type that you want. Usually, if a player has put “Team Deathmatch” or “TDM” in the title, then you’ll probably be fine heading into that server to enjoy a game of TDM. However, you might not be able to be picky when it comes to map selection or weapon count. If you don’t see a mode you like, then you can technically use the Portal’s tools to make your own.

Thankfully, thanks to Portal, you can also experience Team Deathmatch in ways we haven’t before, and on maps from older games! This isn’t exactly the perfect way of experiencing the game, but it is pretty nice to have that customizability.