Battlefield 2042 Max Level | What Is the Level Cap?

As you plan out your strategy in Battlefield 2042, there might be a question on the horizon. How many levels can you obtain in the newest entry of the Battlefield franchise? Historically, you could get quite a few levels; Battlefield 5 capped out at 500! Will Battlefield 2042 raise the bar with its max level? Or will fans have a bit less grinding to right off the bat?

What is the Max Level in Battlefield 2042?

What is the Max Level in Battlefield 2042?

The current max level in Battlefield 2042 is set at 99. The highest S-Level that players can reach is S999, which will improve once you reach the max rank of 99. You get more rewards for leveling up your rank than leveling up your S-Rank. Leveling up provides you with points that you can spend on weapons, vehicles, specialist classes, and more.

Leveling up in Battlefield 2042 works as you might expect. You gain some XP from completing game events. So, you can level up through multiplayer games, single-player missions, or any other game mode. Because you can level anywhere, you should look to complete objectives in matches. You gain additional experience from getting kills, assists, healing allies, using EMPs, and destroying vehicles. Perform these tasks enough, and you’ll get Ribbons, which grant you so much experience.

Thanks to the new Battlefield Portal, there are some servers that are designed to farm XP. This involves setting games against bots that have trouble defending themselves. After the beta, its expected that this method of farming XP will be excised from the game. Instead, XP farming servers may involve trapping one team of players in a bad situation.

Leveling up is critical in Battlefield 2042, as it is the means by which you gain new options. Level up bonuses include points which you can spend on specialist soldiers, weapons, gadgets, and so much more. You can even get cosmetics once you get enough levels, which is what S-Rank is really for. You can also invest heavily into one weapon or vehicle through the mastery system, which you may need the level-up points to help you with.

Be careful with investing in vehicles! Because you can’t switch teams, you might sometimes be locked out of your favorite vehicle.