Battlefield 2042 Solo Campaign | Is There Single-Player Story Mode?

Battlefield 2042 has been showing off an impressive roster of multiplayer modes for months now. From the interesting All-Out Warfare games to the intriguing Battlefield Portal, DICE seems like they’re really branching out multiplayer game modes like never before. However, there’s another side to every coin. And we’ve seen very little of any solo campaign action in trailers or early gameplay videos. But, surely, Battlefield 2042 has a solo campaign of some type, right? That’s a staple for FPS games, after all!

Does Battlefield 2042 Have A Solo Campaign Story Mode?

Battlefield 2042 Solo Campaign

No, Battlefield 2042 does not have a solo campaign or single-player story mode of any type. While there is some backstory to 2042, the lore is almost completely unrelated to the game. 2042 is an online-only game with tight restrictions on internet access. There also does not seem to be any sort of announcement for a single-player game mode coming any time soon.

This comes as a bit of a let-down for fans of the FPS genre. While single-player modes are rarely the centerpiece of modern games, they were very well-known early on in the FPS genre. It’s tricky to reach the same grand heights as MW2, but a solo campaign can offer fun moments.

Instead, DICE seems interested in unveiling a multiplayer narrative. This is an interesting tactic as the war between a future US and Russia unveils. This “story” will evolve as the game gets updated, and will likely be thematically attached to every season of 2042. This is a structure shared by games like Fortnite, and it seems to work well for that game.

Instead of the single-player campaign, players can play solo against bots. They will still need a connection to the internet, and will essentially need to create a server for themselves. So, it’s less of a single-player campaign and more of a consolation prize.

Want to know more about Battlefield 2042? The game has a ton of potential! And we’ll give you even more info about what you can expect from 2042, and some hints about the endgame.