Battlefield 2042 Split-Screen | Is There Local Multiplayer?

Playing an FPS game with a buddy is a hallmark of good multiplayer gameplay. Back in the day, this would often be while visiting your friends, sitting on a couch with each other. But, as FPS games get more modern, FPS games seem to support local multiplayer less and less. Battlefield 2042 is currently one of the most modern FPS games around, boasting many different features. Is split-screen, or local multiplayer, among the great things that Battlefield 2042 brings to the table?

Does Battlefield 2042 Have Split-Screen Local Multiplayer?

Battlefield 2042 Split-Screen

Unfortunately, as of release, Battlefield 2042 does not support split-screen gameplay or any kind of local multiplayer. In order to play multiplayer with your friends, they’re going to need a console and a copy of 2042 to play with you. You can play co-op with your friends by either joining a server with bots or by joining a multiplayer server while in the same party.

This is normal for the Battlefield franchise. They never really had local co-op as an option. Unfortunately, that will mean that split-screen gameplay is likely never going to come to 2042. This is a bit unfortunate, as there are a few situations where split-screen local multiplayer might be fun to play around with. Such as a few of the bot missions that people have developed over time!

That being said, there’s not as many co-op events as in other FPS options. No co-op campaigns or story-mode, not even a Nazi Zombie-like event. So, this game was probably designed for online gameplay. Considering how many resources split-screen gameplay eats up, it seems that this is just a concept that most development studios are putting away. And it seems like DICE is not going to just let players share a copy of their game.

Thankfully, there is crossplay. So that means you friend can purchase their favorite version of Battlefield 2042 and still be able to play with you.

Do you think you want to purchase Battlefield 2042? Maybe you just need a bit more research beforehand. We can help you out!

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