Best Buy Offers Astronaut Ice Cream in Starfield Promotion

Although the availability of the digital market has made purchasing games that much easier, there are many who still opt to buy copies in person. The Starfield developers have confirmed that the physical edition will come with a disc instead of only codes, and will be available at all the major retailers. That being said, one of the biggest electronics sellers, Best Buy, has decided to offer something a little extra for anyone who preorders the sci-fi game through them. Their summer promotion allows you to pick up a tasty little treat alongside your game so you can enjoy the spacefaring adventure to the fullest.

Starfield at Best Buy

As one of the biggest titles that Bethesda will be releasing this year, Starfield is still trying to find new ways to wow us before September. It’ll have multiple editions upon release for those who want extra content in-game as well as a bunch of collectibles. However, it appears that even retailers themselves are trying interesting methods to boost the sales of what may be a hit game.

According to, Best Buy is taking it upon itself to give away astronaut ice cream alongside it. That’s right — if you preorder Starfield through Best Buy, you’ll also receive a special Astronaut-branded freeze-dried ice cream sandwich. As if that wasn’t enough, it appears to be Neapolitan flavor.

Even though we’re still a couple of months away, people are already making plans for Starfield especially since it’s already available to pre-install. It’s a beautiful-looking game with an expansive universe and the freedom to visit countless planets on your time.

There will also be plenty of missions to undertake as well as a large social component with a few romance options as well. The fact that stores would be willing to package ice cream with the game shows just that some are trying to make their purchase option the more enjoyable one.

It’s highly likely that Starfield sales are going to explode come launch day, and sellers want to make the most of it. Best Buy is doing so by offering astronaut ice cream sandwiches with every preorder. And while the freeze-dried stuff won’t do much for the ambient heat, it will at least make you feel that much more like a space explorer.