Best Indie Games in April 2022 | Our Top Picks

Even though the year is moving along, as usual, there’s a feeling that it’s still barely starting up. It’s not until Spring that things start to get rolling and the year officially starts. While not all of us will experience the exact same weather, we should still view the season as a time for reflection and the opportunity for renewal. This can apply to numerous things but no doubt is there are plenty of gaming accounts that could use an update. This includes a lot of online marketplaces where great new indie games are waiting in the wings for their moment to come forth into the spotlight. Here’s what to look forward to this April

Upcoming Indie Games in April 2022


Best Indie Games April 2022 - Split

The future is something we continue to spend so much time contemplating. There are so many movies depicting what the age of tomorrow will look like and thus enhancing the fascination with cyberpunk. The idea that cities will continue to expand and grow until we are overwhelmed with urbanization and technology is one that draws a lot of attention. There have been a lot of big cyberpunk games recently and Garlic Jam seeks to add to them with Split. In this game, giant cities are the world and they need to be maintained by a huge workforce. As one of these workers, it’s up to you to navigate the cyber puzzles and keep things running smoothly as you make your way through. You’ll need to rely on digital copies of yourself but don’t forget who’s real.

Split will release for PC on April 6.

Epiphany City

Epiphany City

It can take so much time to come to a realization that changes your life. Whether you reach it on your own or some outside force provokes it, having an epiphany is no small occurrence. It’s those moments that can completely turn things around, so why not make a whole place based around that? Well, that’s what’s happening with Epiphany City by Cameron Ladjevardi and David Elliot. You’ll find yourself in a colorful picturesque world as Lily, a melancholic girl who comes to possess superpowers and a special picture frame. By using a combination of these abilities, it’ll be up to restore hope in yourself and save the world.

Epiphany City will release for PC and Switch on April 12.


Best Indie Games April 2022 - Ghostlore

There is so much content that revolves around ghosts. The ghost story is something that is both classic and modern as we sink our ears into haunting tales about encounters with the beyond. While there are stories that are strange and horrifying, we also curious to hear of those that are fantastical and wondrous. A lot of folklore focuses on the idea of spirits and ghosts with Ghostlore taking a trip to Southeast Asia. The Teo siblings of Andrew and Adam have created a vibrant experience where you fight monsters as a character you see fit. There’s a whole bestiary to fill out and sprawling maps that will change beneath your feet.

Ghostlore will release for PC on April 14.

Skabma – Snowfall

Skabma - Snowfall

Even spring gets its groove back, we still have thoughts of the cold we just left behind. Many areas feel the chill all year round as snow keeps a constant presence. Even though snow frequently appears in a playful light, it also has a harshness to it. This is a truth you’ll have to accept in Red Stage Entertainment’s Skabma – Snowfall. As the young Sámi child Áilu, you’ll be caught up in the chaos that is slowly disrupting the natural order of things. From living an ordinary life, you’ll be thrust into a journey that will take you across the wintry lands where you’ll need to rely on the ancient powers of the Sámi people in order to restore balance.

Skabma – Snowfall will release for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 22.

Turbo Overkill

Turbo Overkill

There is an obsession with overdoing things, which can both be good and bad. If you just got a new computer and you want to make sure it can handle the heavy games coming out, overclocking it can be beneficial. However, very rarely does overkilling something yield a positive result. Still, that won’t stop Trigger Happy Interactive from releasing Turbo Overkill. It’s the cyberpunk future again, but things have gone off the rails. As a graduate of ’80s action hero school Johnny Turbo, it’s up to you to restore the city of Paradise. Namely, this involves getting a lot of guns and shooting anything connected to Syn, an evil AI that’s established its own cult. Things are about to get nuts 2.0.

Turbo Overkill will release for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 22.



When you’re face to face with a dangerous foe, you don’t want to rely on luck. Both in gaming and in real life, it’s always better to rely on your skills and strategic thinking so you can route the enemy and live to see tomorrow. Still, if you’re too good and enemies are too easy, then the challenge can fade fast. That’s why it’s nice to have a sprinkling of luck and RNG which is what Red Nexus Games Inc. is doing in Peglin. As a cute little goblin, you’re not the most combat savvy but thankfully a Pachinko game is there to save you. By collecting orbs and powerups, you can cause the balls to fall more favorably so you can defeat enemies with luck power. On top of that, the roguelike elements will keep encounters fresh.

Peglin will release for PC on April 25.



There’s nothing wrong with flat objects but they can lack a certain amount of depth. It was a huge turning point when 3D was realized in gaming, but we still take much inspiration from the 2D titles that got us started. We still seek a sense of adventure and being part of something much bigger than ourselves which is one of the reasons RPGs have so much appeal. That’s why Flatworld by Guinxu is bringing their own adventure to the table. It’s got a simple and classic RPG feel as you and a party of characters travel through the world. Though the standard is grinding to get stronger, this is a place where strength is not the only way to succeed.

Flatworld will release for PC on April 28.

Bakery Simulator

Bakery Simulator

One of the best treats we can get our hands on is pastries. Such a huge variety of sweetness and flavor, there’s something so comforting about eating doughy goods. When we see them and the smell hits us, joy sweeps over our bodies. Yet, such a feeling doesn’t come easy and those who work in the bakeries to bring us such, work hard and long to make it happen. There’s a way we can gain an appreciation for this by playing the upcoming Bakery Simulator by Live Motion Games. Now you’ll get a taste of what it feels like to work in a bakery, make the different recipes, manage all the processes, and keep track of all the ingredients.

Bakery Simulator is slated for release on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox this April.