Best Indie Games in August 2022 | Our Top Picks

The summer is raging strong, with many places experiencing a heatwave like never before. While some of us are brave enough to thrive and push through the heat, the rest of us would prefer to retreat to cool, dark shelters. And what better way to pass the time in such a place than by playing one of the many upcoming indie games this month? There’s a huge selection of new titles coming to the market, and any one of them would make a great distraction from the blazing sun. Whether it’s chills from horror or the whimsy of sims, these fresh new indie games will get the job done.

Upcoming Indie Games in August 2022

Earth’s Shadow

There are many reasons to be afraid of the dark, but the largest is that you never know what could be hiding in it. However, this is also an invitation to explore in hopes of uncovering something valuable or worthwhile. The devs at WRF Studios have taken his idea and run with it to work on the upcoming game, Earth’s Shadow. As the title would suggest, you find yourself in a dark alien world in the far future. This world is steeped in darkness and danger but you’re one of the brave or stupid enough ones to risk your life to venture across it. This third-person adventure invites you to create an explorer strong enough to go as deep as you can to expose a dark truth.

Earth’s Shadow will release for PC on August 3.

Vanaris Tactics

There are a variety of tactical games ranging from military to sports. What’s missing is one that covers an idea that requires just as much strategy: Survival. Depending on your circumstances, you’ll need to ration resources, manage your actions, and balance travel with rest to have any chance of seeing tomorrow. Part of this severity seems to appear in Vanaris Tactics by dev Matheus Reis. This is a pixelated isometric experience covering a very real issue that many face. You will be leading a group of refugees as they look for sanctuary in a hostile land. While not defenseless, they will depend on whatever they can find in order to keep their strength up and reach the end.

Vanaris Tactics will release for PC on August 4.


First-person shooters have transformed into brown-gray serious experiences about fighting wars or some other grounded conflict. They have come far from when the shooter was expected to be flashy and visceral, but there’s still a spot for that. Many devs realize this including Keaton Applebaum. As a result, we’ll get our hands on the wild and over-the-top title that is Animalistic. The tables have turned and the Animal Kingdom has taken charge. As possibly the last human on Earth, your goal is to break free, take up whatever weapon you can find and tear through hordes of violent, big-headed animals. With short levels, you can jump right in to blow off some steam.

Animalistic will launch for PC on August 5.

Axiom Verge 2

Among indie games, Metroidvania titles have perhaps the best-known tradition of backtracking. As you travel to different sections and regions, you’ll continue to expand an usually-shaped map. The problem is trying to remember exactly where you need to go and what equipment you need to go there. This was the premise in the well-received Axiom Verge about a scientist transported to a desolate world with mutated creatures and robotic entities. The story continues with Thomas Happ Games LLC bringing forth Axiom Verge 2. With a similar pixel aesthetic, you’ll take on the role of a new character in another fish-out-of-water situation. You’ll find weird alien weapons and gear as you wander through this new world trying to figure out why you’re here and what you need to do.

Axiom Verge 2 will be available on August 11 for PC, Switch, and PlayStation.

Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator

Idle games aren’t so serious because they’re games that essentially play themselves. We have titles like Cookie Clicker to thank for that where the goal is to buy upgrades so that you can play even less. Despite that, they have proven to be addictive titles that can also be quite engaging. The Evergloom Team is trying one out with a very unusual premise in their Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator. Many of us spend hours in front of screens doing work or surfing, but there’s more that we could do in the background aside from listening to music and watching videos. With this game, you can start your own little village at the bottom of the screen which will grow with or without your influence.

Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator will launch on August 11th for PC.


There have been many predictions of what the future is going to be like across all forms of media. Yes, that includes indie games. In the 70s and 80s we got a lot of strange yet surprisingly innovative ideas about the days of tomorrow. A number of them seemed to involve the future of sports and what humans would do and watch for entertainment. This influence can be felt in the future title Rollerdrome by the Roll7 team. With a cel-shaded graphic art kind of style, the future feels retro as you participate in a brand new sport. With a helmet, a jumpsuit, and roller-skates, you’ll need to fight your way through a dangerous tournament. Take on the challenge and pump yourself up for some hardcore skate-trick combat.

Rollerdrome will release on August 16 for PC, and PlayStation.

A Tale Of Paper: Refolded

Paper is one of the foundational tools of creativity from writing poems to composing symphonies. Though almost everything is digital now, there’s still a lot of value in paper from an artistic aspect such as origami. The creatures that people can create with folded paper can look so good that you expect them to jump to life. Well, that’s what has happened in A Tale Of Paper: Refolded by Open House Games. Originally appearing in 2020, you return as the paper being Line, you’ll go on a grand journey across a world much larger than you think. Change your shape to navigate the environments and escape danger as you follow a journey of heart and soul.

A Tale of Paper: Refolded will launch on Xbox and PC on August 19.

Midnight Fight Express

Along with pirates, criminal life in general seems to be romanticized in a number of ways. It’s quite popular in games where you can be presented with a character and a scenario where there are no limits to what you can do. There’s titles like GTA which give sandbox freedom and Jacob Dzwinel is bringing forth Midnight Fight Express. In this case, you’re a retired criminal who’s summoned back into the underworld by an unknown contact. You’ll need to fight your way through various criminal organizations to prevent any of them from dominating the city. The mystery of why you’re doing this is enough to endure all the waves and use all the brawling you can to solve it.

Midnight Fight Express will release on August 23 for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.