Best Indie Games In December 2021 | Our Top Picks

Before the year closes out, we’ve got one last month to lead us to the end and into the coldness of winter. The end of the year often brings up a mixture of feelings as we try our best to make the most of this strange time. One way to do so is to find a nice cozy place to set up and have a hot drink while relaxing. Movies, music, and of course games can all help to add to this feeling. The good news is that even this month there is going to be a catalog of great indie releases, and here are the ones we’re most looking forward to.

Upcoming Indie Games in December 2021

Rubber Bandits

There’s something about ragdoll physics that appeals to the part of the game that just likes to see things fall down. Games like Gang Beats and Fall Guys have shown us just how entertaining it can be to play a character that has no sense of balance. This comes to the stage once again with Rubber Bandits by Flashbulb. Appearing as a mix of all those different games that are pawns of physics, this title has you playing bizarrely proportioned characters in a colorfully wild setting. Aside from throwing folks around, you’ll also need to race and grab weapons to be the top banana… or whatever being you end up playing.

Rubber Bandits will release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on December 2, 2021.

The Captain

There was a time in gaming where time wasn’t a factor. You were free to take as much as you needed to explore and learn everything you could about the world before moving on. While there are still plenty of games that are minimal about their urgency, the point-and-click genre is masterful in letting players take their time. It is still alive and well with The Captain by Sysiac Games being one of the latest to wear the label. In this game, you play the part of a space captain whose only desire is to return home. You’ll be solving puzzles and making friends in this pleasant nostalgia trip for the modern age.

The Captain will release on PC on December 3, 2021.


When asked what the best thing about the Star Wars prequel trilogy is, many will throw up their hands to shout “The Pod racing!” And that would be a valid point. The idea of racing hovering chariots across vast and diverse landscapes at top speeds sounds and looks amazing. Even though there have been multiple pod-racing games, Volume Games have decided to take a crack at it with their upcoming title Ripshot. You’ll be piloting futuristic ships through a variety of tracks, vast lands, and open worlds to achieve the coveted first prize. The ships all have various looks and have a grappling hook that you can use creatively to get an edge where you need it.

Ripshot will release on PC on December 10, 2021.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Sometimes the best way to make use of nostalgia is to take the original building blocks and create something completely new with creative arrangements. Yacht Club Games showed us all how it’s down with their smash hit Shovel Knight which expanded to appear on all the major consoles and with DLC exploring full storylines for other characters. Though the character Shovel Knight has been appearing here and there, he returns once again in the title Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. While the original game was all about platforming, exploration, and combat, Pocket Dungeon focuses on puzzle-solving. In a vein similar to Puyo Pop and Tetris Battle, you’ll be guiding memorable characters against various opponents as you use wits and strategy to break down their block defenses.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon will land on PC, Switch and PlayStation on December 13, 2021.

Strings Theory

The universe could be anything and physics can only tell us so much. There are multiple theories in place with plenty of support behind them and string theory is one of the most popular. The idea that everything is comprised of strands of vibrating strings is intriguing, to say the least. The people at Beautiful Bee took this and decide to make a game on it called Strings Theory. While it’s not as complex as the actual science itself, it will challenge your mind. Having a feel like Thomas Was Alone, this game has you controlling numerous colorful and geometric characters in an isometric plane. Solve it yourself or with buddies to uncover a possible truth about the universe.

Strings Theory will release on PC, Switch and Xbox on December 14, 2021.

Aeterna Noctis

When you think about how much drawing is behind every single frame of animated content, the idea of hand-drawn games gets a whole new perspective. Just the fact that a person is able to draw so much so consistently and accurately in relation to the scene’s appearance is incredible. This talent was brought to the table to create the soon-to-be-released game, Aeterna Noctis. It’s an artsy Metroidvania type of adventure that has you controlling a warrior on a quest to become the King of Darkness. You’ll need to traverse treacherous and master potent powers in order to stand a chance against the horrors and environmental hazards that await you along the way.

Aeterna Noctis will release on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox on December 15, 2021.

Sky Fleet

Humans have something of an obsession with the sky. We see birds and a part of us is just envious of them. A big part of this is simply due to the fact that the sky is nothing but wide open space which is such a clear representation of freedom. With such potential, you could build a whole new life in the sky and that’s part of the premise in Sky Fleet by Enno Games. You have joined the Sky Fleet and it’s up to you to build a strong and sustainable fortress among the sea of clouds. Make the best of this new realm and do everything you can to keep it safe or else it’ll come crashing down.

Sky Fleet will release on PC on December 17, 2021.

Last Night Of Winter

When Undertale was released, it completely changed how people viewed the RPG genre. It’s possible to create a cast of simple pixel characters and place them on a serious and emotional journey. There’s a sense of that in Last Night Of Winter coming to use from Digital Zeon. Although it seems to be coming out closer to the first night of winter, it’s trying to create the feel of the last. You’re taking on the role of someone killed in a stronghold siege whose indeterminable will has kept them alive. It’s up to you to find your way through the stronghold, acquire new abilities and meet new allies to make your way to the one responsible for your death and this endless night.

Last Night of Winter will release on PC on December 21, 2021.